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To Smell or not to Smell?

Garbage QuestionsPfizer Canada states homes that have a heavy smoke smell can sell up to 29% lower. Of course, they sell products that can help eliminate or mask smells. Some methods Sellers use to freshen up their home before showings is to employ air fresheners, scented candles, etc – vanilla, cinnamon, apple and lemon are usually the most pleasant.

  • Heavy smoke smell can sell up to 29% lower
  • Average Fraser Valley Market Value this month is $727,357
  • Potential loss to bad smells are as high as (-$210,933.53) – ouch!

If a home has a real strong smell of smoke, cooking odors or pets, there are professional methods to improve the home which should be considered. As a Realtor, if I show a home with lots of electrical fresheners and candles it sets off a warning bell; I take note that further investigation is needed so my Buyers are not shocked when they move in.

A real turn off is a musty smell in a basement. Dehumidifiers and allowing more fresh air with movement can help take care of moist conditions and should always be considered.

Before spending a lot of money, go to your local hardware store. There are products that can do more than mask a smell, they can eliminate them. Contact me for more info and referrals to professionals who can help you save your money!!

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