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Outside the Box innovation, unconventional and creative thinkingAs a regular contributor to our blog at our Abbotsford | Mission Homelife Real Estate Offices called The Insider,  I poll the office for local Abbotsford & Mission Real Estate content ideas. This months idea is good information for all you looking to sell your home, for some reason it also instantly made me think of a funny little thing we say in my family now since my son coined the phrase.

My brother was kind enough last summer to watch my kids – no easy task. My two youngest were 4 years old and 6 years old at the time. As me and my wife enjoyed the glory that is a child-free weekend away, my brother was running around and busy “parenting” on our behalf. I should mention he is a bachelor with no kids of his own, think Uncle Buck from the John Candy movie in the 80’s. After two straight days of entertaining the kids, Mark my brother, layed down on my brand new patio couch set outside to relax and gave my kids a time wasting task to clean their rooms while he enjoyed a small quiet break.

This task was surprising successful and gave him the peace and quiet he deserved for 30 minutes. Once the task was completed the kids dutifully stood in-front of Uncle Mark, aka Uncle Buck, and proclaimed their rooms clean.

“Clean? Yeah Right.” Uncle Mark doubted. “Time for an inspection!”.

My Son exclaimed “Inspection! No need. It is clean! …As clean as a Dojo!”

“What!?!?” laughed Mark “I didn’t realize Dojo’s were a standard of cleanliness.”

When we got home Mark told this story with great amusement and now whenever we are cleaning up after a family dinner we all announce it’s time to make this place as clean as a dojo!. The real estate question now remains, if you are selling your home is it as clean as a DOJO outside?? If not it may cost you a sale. Here is some tips for keeping the outside clean and appealing. You can’t make a first impression twice, so make the first view, the “curb appeal”, for a potentially buyer a good one. Make the outside of your house as clean as a dojo!



We see homes where the outdoor spaces are becoming more elaborate and in some cases, extensions of the main living area. Garden furniture is replacing the plastic chairs and BBQs can be a kitchen in itself. When selling, here are some simple tips to include your outside entertainment area as part of the home:

  • 1. Plants bordering entryways draw the eye and if there are stairs, place plants at the top as it makes it more appealing.
  • 2. Inexpensive lighting can add to the ambience of your area.
  • 3. Cleaning, repairing and refreshing decks with paint or stain is not expensive.
  • 4. New cushions on your outdoor chairs add a fresh look and can be inexpensive. Instead of 10 different colours, try to coordinate them.
  • 5. De-clutter if you are not using your extra plastic chairs, stack them away, pick up loose ends and if umbrellas block site lines, put them down or away before showings.
  • 6. Freshen up your garden beds, keep the lawn cut, and trees trimmed.
  • 7. Small water features can be added for a small price and the sound and sight is very

A little attention to your outside can help in the sales process. Stage your outside entertainment so potential buyers can see themselves enjoying the deck and yard; small things help sell homes.

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