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Romance still alive in Real Estate

Homelife Realty-RomanceToday I topped up my children’s University Funds by $5.00 thanks to the generosity of Dave, a colleague of mine in my real estate office. His persistent disbelief in the Vancouver Canucks has made him a virtual cash cow for me and my growing University Fund over the last decade. What an incredible 10 year run the Vancouver Canucks  and my friendly betting account have been on! Keep it up guys.

Now what does this all have to do with Real Estate in Abbotsford and Mission you ask? Nothing I guess! LOL J  – But let’s see if I can tie it all together: I was watching this video from some Canadian University students this morning shared by the HuffPost. It feature’s two guys in university doing random acts of “romance”. Watch it below as it is extremely funny.

This funny video below then got me thinking about how realtors use words to “romance” their properties they have listed for sale. Some of us do a great job using words, writing property descriptions, doing blogs & creating WebPages. Yet some of us could use help writing our basic MLS property descriptions because we simply don’t have the time or skill to write. So as you enjoy this video link below can I suggest, if you need help writing blogs, WebPages or even simple property descriptions, hire a student!


  • They could use the money.
  • Are very affordable
  • Know how to use Camera’s and online tools
  • Link to hire a student below….

As good as the Canucks have been to my University Fund over the last decade, all good things come to an end. And I simply can’t rely on Dave’s $5.00 bills to keep rolling in to pay for my kids to go to school in the future. My future University Student children will need a paying jobs that won’t interfere with school and Realtors Blogs, Webpages and Property description/pictures could be a great way for them to make money.

Hire a Student Link. And check out video for a giggle!

These Two Toronto Guys Prove That Romance Is Still Alive… Even In College (VIDEO) Dave Browne Sales Manager

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