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Here’s a headline not seen: Canadians Have Never Been Richer.

Homelife Realty- Everything OKI can’t do this article below justice so you just have to read it – Click the Link below! Great Read.

Now we all work and live in Abbotsford and Mission it is obvious our local real estate market is sluggish overall. Things simply aren’t great right now but it also is not terrible in my opinion. There’s a living to be made out there so go do it! Make a Call, shake a hand and see what happens today.

I was talking to a successful 30 year veteran Realtor and all he had to say about the market was: “It’s never as Bad as it seems and it is never as Good as it is, but I seem to survive every up and every down and have a wonderful career to show for it!”

With all that said give the article below a read for a pick-me-up and see what you think….

“Here’s a headline you probably didn’t see: Canadians Have Never Been Richer. Or this one: Household Net Worth Rises To All-Time High. Or this: Canadians Are Twice As Wealthy, After Inflation, As They Were Twenty Years Ago”……
Andrew Coyne: Canadians aren’t getting the whole story on the economy
Andrew Coyne | 13/09/13 | Last Updated: 13/09/13 8:54 PM ET

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