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You Are the Boss, So you’ve got to see this.

h_logoHomelife wants to help you. We let you control how you invest your money in your business, with our unique offer. Free up your potential with real working capital and have some fun in your business again. We will provide you the flexibility to get more deals! 50% savings versus our competitors, you’re welcome.

 “What ever you do, be different….if you are different you stand out!”

  •  OPTION 1 – Homelife $345.00 per month* (Homelife $ 250.00 deal fee on firts12 deals)
  • OPTION 2 – Homelife $ 70/30 1st 30k**
  • PRIVATE OFFICE – $150.00 to $300.00 per month

Be Different, Be You

If you’re an average company selling an average product at an average price guess what happens?
Average results (at best).

You need to find a way to stand out.

In my first company, we had the easiest to use and nicest looking website on the market.

We didn’t have the most features or the longest track record but if someone wanted easy and quick, we were the place to go to.

When we promoted our company we talked about the ease of use and customers knew us for that.

It was an easy pitch to make and customers could quickly identify if we were going to be a fit for what they wanted.

Some people needed the extra features that we didn’t have and that’s ok.

We paid for this uniqueness by saving monthly on our overhead that our competitors chose not to do. Currently we are winning in our market and rank #1 by a mile.

*Automatic visa payment options available! Earn your points – no extra charge

*Monthly fee includes everything. Franchise Fee, Desk Fee, Website Fee, Party Fund.

*Sign in 2013 and get 175.00 a deal fee first 12!

*90.00 dollar deal fee after 12.

**Inactivity fee after 4 months no deals – transfer to option 1

**We will pay Board Fees, Franchise Fee, Desk Fee (no monthly’s charges program) 70/30 30k

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